Best Lucky Charms for Players

Players of casino games such as slots may rely on lucky charms to bring them good fortune and dispel any negative vibes. Here are some of the best lucky charms to use. 


The popularity of the horseshoe as a lucky charm goes back to the story about Saint Dunstan, the patron saint of blacksmiths. In an encounter with the devil, he nailed red hot horseshoes to the devil’s hooves. When the devil begged him to remove them, he agreed on the condition that the devil would never enter any place with a horseshoe hanging at the entrance. The crescent shape of the horseshoe is believed by certain cultures to offer protection against the curse of the evil eye. Today, players participating in online gambling may rely on a lucky horseshoe to increase their chances of winning a jackpot.

Four leaf clover

A four-leaf clover is one of the most common lucky charms. Each leaf of the clover has its own special meaning. In Irish tradition, a three-leaf clover represents the Holy Trinity. If there is a fourth leaf, it represents God’s grace. Anyone who finds a four-leaf clover is considered extremely fortunate because the chances are slim. It is a popular lucky charm to carry or wear when playing games like roulette or blackjack. 

Cat’s eye gem

A cat’s eye gem is thought to ward off evil and attract abundance. The light shining from the stone resembles the eyes of a cat. Gamblers may believe a cat’s eye gem will help them when gambling online. Keeping a lucky gem in a pocket could bring good fortune their way. 

A laughing Buddha

A laughing Buddha may remind gamblers of various comic characters, but it is an important symbol of good fortune for the Chinese. The chubby monk is famous for bringing prosperity and blessings. He has a rotund belly and wears a loose robe. His face wears an expression of happiness, and he carries a bag of gold nuggets under his arm. Players who gamble at online slot machines from home may place this statue close by.

Rabbit’s Foot

Many gamblers believe that a rabbit’s foot attracts good luck. This could be because rabbits are born with their eyes open or because they tend to be associated with fertility. From the 16th through to the 19th centuries, Europeans would carry rabbit paws to protect them against various ailments. In European and African traditions, body parts like hair and bones have powerful symbolism. Today, rabbit’s foot lucky charms may be made from synthetic materials, but they are still seen as being able to attract good luck. 


In days gone by, gamblers would carry a whole nutmeg filled with quicksilver. This lucky charm attracted good luck related to money. No one wants to carry liquid mercury today, but a nutmeg can do the trick. 

Mystic Knot

In India, the mystic knot is a symbol associated with the Goddess Lakshmi, the Goddess of Wealth. It’s a knot with eight loops that overlap, so it seems to have no beginning or end. Gamblers will keep this knot nearly when gambling for good luck. 

Jin Chan (three-legged frog) 

The Jin Chan is one of the most popular Chinese lucky charms. The three-legged frog represents prosperity, happiness, and longevity. The three legs are actually two front legs and a tadpole tail. All gamblers want a life filled with these qualities, and a tiny golden frog is a great way to attract them. Some gamblers will even put a lottery ticket under a three-legged frog statue to maximize their chances of winning. 

Nazar Amulet

A blue-eyed amulet found in Turkey is usually made of blue, white, and black colored glass. The word ‘Nazar’ means ‘evil eye’ in Arabic. A Nazar amulet can counter-reflect jealousy. For players having good luck during a game, a Nazar amulet could deflect any negative energy from other jealous players.

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