Roll Off Dumpster Sizes: Choosing the Right Option for Your Project

Do you need to dispose of trash, debris, or other unwanted items during a home or office remodeling or cleanup project? Instead of hauling multiple truckloads of trash to the dump or leaving it by the street to be picked up by your normal trash disposal service, you should consider a roll off dumpster rental. 

Here is more information on why to choose a roll off dumpster rental and how to select the right size for your project. 

Why to Rent a Dumpster for Your Project 

There are plenty of reasons to consider a roll off dumpster rental for your project. First, they keep your area clear, safe, and clean during the entirety of your cleanup or renovation. There is no need to have bags or cans of trash spread around the work space when you have a dumpster where everything can be thrown.

Dumpster rentals are also very convenient. They will be delivered and picked up by the rental company and can be placed close to the cleanup areas so you can quickly and easily dispose of trash, debris, and other unwanted materials.

Finally, dumpster rentals are environmentally friendly. A company that focuses on green practices will make sure everything that is thrown into the dumpster will be disposed of safely and with consideration of the environment

Sizes of Dumpster to Consider 

Decided you want to move forward with a rental? The next step is to choose the right size. If you choose too small of a unit, you risk overloading it and incurring fines. Too large and you will waste money as you won’t fully utilize the space. Here are typical rental sizes and the projects they are best suited for.

  • 12 yard. This size of dumpster is 16’ long, 8’ wide and 3.5’ tall and can hold approximately six pickup truck loads of trash. This size is good for homeowners who are cleaning out a garage or another smaller space.
  • 20 yard. A 20 yard roll off measures 22’ long, 8’ wide and 3.5’ tall and holds around eight pickup loads of trash. This is a good size for disposing of furniture or other large items during a cleanout or renovation.
  • 30 yard. The 30 yard option is 22’ long, 8’ wide and 6’ tall and holds around 12 pickup loads of items. This is the size most often seen at construction sites and is ideal for larger projects where a large amount of debris or trash needs to be disposed of.

Choosing the Right Roll Off Dumpster Rental Company 

If you’re not sure what size of roll off dumpster rental is right for your project, you can always ask a rental company for their recommendation. To choose a good company, ask those in your circle who have used roll offs in the past, read online reviews and select a company with a majority of five-star reviews, and call to talk through your project to see what their recommendations are and how well they answer your questions.

A roll off rental is a perfect choice for your next home or business remodeling or cleanup project to make the job as stress-free and safe as possible.

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