What is the comprehensive guide about the working of Device fingerprinting?

Increasing use of mobile devices for online transactions, accessing services and browsing has made it very important to improve the security of the devices. By analysing the device-specific characteristics, Device fingerprinting will be based on the identification of suspicious activities and patterns in real time. This will provide the organisations with the best level of support in detecting fraudulent behaviour and ultimately taking proactive measures to mitigate the risks to provide people with a very safe and secure online environment for the users.

What do you mean by the concept of Device fingerprinting?

Device fingerprinting is basically a very sophisticated technique which has been employed with the motive of recognising, monitoring and tracking individual devices as they interact with websites and applications. This will be helpful in making sure that unique characteristics will be very well sorted out, and in today’s digital world, it will provide websites, advertisers and security experts with the opportunity to deal with things without any problem. This will be definitely helpful in providing people with significant analysis of the data point without any problem so that specific information about the device and user will be very much top notch at all times. 

Following are the data points that you need to know about the Device fingerprinting concept in detail:

  1. IP address: IP address is basically the unique string of numbers and letters assigned to a particular device whenever it will be connecting to the internet. It will be helpful in providing people with identification of the location and internet service provider technicalities
  2. HTTP request headers: All of these headers will be definitely sent by the client browser to the server system at the time of requesting a particular web page. This will contain the information about the browser, the requested page, along user preferences that you need to understand
  3. User-agent string: This is known as the text identifier that will be sent by the browser and will provide people with comprehensive information about the type of browser, version and operating system of the device.
  4. Installing of the plug-ins: This is basically the software component which will extend the functionality of a particular browser, and the list of installed plug-ins will provide people with insights into the user preferences and the device capabilities.
  5. Client time zone: This will be determined depending on the system of the device clock and will provide people with information about the user’s location.
  6. Details of time: This is basically the record of the date and time of a specific event, for example, accessing the website or submitting the form associated with the whole process. This will be very well used in terms of analysing user behaviour and ultimately detecting any kind of suspicious activities.

What are the very basic technicalities that you need to know about the working of the Device fingerprinting?

Device fingerprinting will be based upon collecting and analysing the data sources in such a manner that identification of the unique device and the tracking of the user behaviour will be very well done. This is based on a step-by-step explanation, and some of the basic details are:

  1. The user, in this particular case, will be navigating to a particular website or opening the application on the device, and to ensure that loading and display of the content have been properly done, this will require certain information about the user’s device.
  2. As the website in the application loads, it will automatically retrieve a significant range of attributes, including the IP address, operating system and other associated things.
  3. All of these attributes will be very critical for optimising the user experience and ultimately help in providing people with support in tailoring the website and the application content to the specific device. This will definitely be helpful in providing people with a support factor depending on the browser language setting to avoid any issues.
  4. Whenever the site or application has already collected the device attributes, it will be providing people with the processing of the things very successfully and ultimately will be commanding them to create a unique identification number known as the device hash concept. 
  5. This will definitely represent the device fingerprint and further will be able to provide people with a significant factor of support in distinguishing it from other devices assessing the website or the application. This will be very successful in terms of providing people with a good factor of support in the platform manager, which will ultimately compare it against the database of the new device and other associated behavioural patterns. This will enable people to deal with the fraud management concept very successfully so that tracking of the user activity will be very well done, and everyone will be able to deal with the unusual behaviour very successfully in the whole process.
  6. Depending on the basic platform security policies, the fraud manager will definitely be helpful in taking the best possible actions depending on the fingerprint analysis so that blocking of the high-risk devices will be very well done and everybody will be able to deal with the authentication systems for the further investigation without any problem.

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